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How old is Bond?

The Bond Language and Cultural Group was founded in 1999 in Zhongshan (Shiqi), China. It expanded to Xiaolan in 2006 and opened the doors of the Bond Kindergarten in 2008.

Is Bond legitimate and reliable?

Yes. Bond is recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and is accredited by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China and the Ministry of Public Security. It continually strives to serve the needs of both the Chinese staff and the foreign faculty.

How many other foreign teachers does Bond employ?

On average, we employ around 40-50 foreign teachers. Depending on the demand for foreign English teachers, these numbers have fluctuated over the years. Some years we have actually employed close to one hundred foreign teachers, while other years have been closer to twenty. Many of the teachers come from the USA and the UK while others have come from Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and even Fiji.

How long are the contract periods?

We have six month and one year contract periods. Although, depending on the time of year and the availability of teachers, we can try to accommodate a mutual contract length. Extension or renewal of contracts is common among teachers who are initially seeking a six month contract. We have had teachers who have renewed their contracts several times over, two of whom have been here for several years.

What is the base salary?

The base salary is 8,800 RMB per month. Additional income can be earned by working overtime (over 22 hours per week) at 80 RMB per each additional hour worked.

Does Bond pay on time?

Yes. We always ensure our foreign teachers receive their pay on the designated paydays. We pay bi-monthly on the 15th and the last day of each month.

Does Bond pay by bank card or cash?

Cash and bank card.

Can I establish a bank account in China?

Yes. Opening a bank account in China is actually easier than you might imagine. Although the paperwork is initially a bit tedious, each and every foreign teacher working at Bond interested in opening a local bank account is accompanied by one of our Chinese staff members to assist with the process.

What if I have student loan obligations, how can I pay them from China?

Several of our foreign teachers experience this situation. Over the years, we have found that Western Union is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way to send money overseas. There are Western Union branches in both Shiqi and Xiaolan. Our Chinese staff members always assist the foreign teachers with this matter. The Bank of China offers direct bank-to-bank transfers but an account with Bank of China is required and the process is far more costly and time consuming than Western Union.

Will I have a roommate?

The chances are that new teachers will be placed with a roommate. We have experienced that placing new foreign teachers with others who have been residing in China longer can offer great support and comfort to the new teachers. Although, we can try to accommodate your needs if this particular setup is not desired.

Will I live in the same location as the other foreign teachers?

It depends on where you will be living. We own several apartments across Zhongshan, some in the same complex, others just a few minutes away from each other.

What are the accommodations like?

Bond owns many accommodations in the districts of Shiqi, Kaiyin and Xiaolan. Some of these apartments have been in operation since Bond’s inception, while others are very new. Each apartment is equipped with an air conditioner in his or her bedroom, is provided with his or her own bathroom (with hot water heater), and is furnished with a dinette set, couch, armchairs, coffee table, and TV (with over 50 channels, three of which are in English). Every apartment has a kitchen with a stove, cookware, utensils, cutting board, microwave and toaster. A washing machine is provided as well.

Some foreign teachers find their new accommodation in China to be quite different from their own back home. One must keep in mind the differences in lifestyles, importance of certain items and that China is indeed a developing nation. With this positive attitude, many of the new teachers quickly feel at ease and comfortable in their new accommodations.

Do the accommodations have internet access?

Yes, and it is a DSL broadband connection. If there is one not already set-up in the apartment, we can arrange for one to be installed. Monthly internet access fees, installation charges and a deposit on the modem, however, are not covered by Bond.

Can I choose which age group I would like to teach?

We try our best to accommodate incoming teachers to their preferred age group according to the demand of the teachers and his or her relevant experience.

How many hours will I be expected to teach a week?

No more than 22 hours per week. Any work beyond 22 hours is considered overtime. Most teachers work within a 20-22 hour timeframe.

How will I get to and from school?

If we are unable to provide transportation for you to and from your domicile to your school, we offer a travel allowance to those living beyond walking distance to their schools.

Is Zhongshan safe?

Zhongshan is a very safe city. By maintaining common sense and a modicum of vigilance when in crowded areas, you should be fine.

What if I don’t speak any Chinese?

Not to worry! Our staff speaks English and they are more than happy to accommodate you with getting situated in China. We also offer weekly Chinese language classes free of charge to our foreign teachers to help promote their knowledge of Chinese.

How will I be able to contact home from China?

Most foreign teachers use Skype to call home. It is also possible to purchase international calling cards here and call by landline. Alternatively, most mobile phones with Chinese SIM cards can receive international calls on the pre-paid plans.

What is the best advice on making the decision to come to China?

Have an open mind and leave your expectations at the airport. China is a rapidly changing country shadowed by a history and culture 5,000 years old. It is where you can have the time of your life and truly have an adventure!