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Founder's Welcome

Founder's Welcome

Welcome to the Zhongshan Bond website!

My name is John Zhang and I am the founder of the Zhongshan Bond Language and Cultural Group. On behalf of all Bond staff members, I would like to extend our heart-felt warm greetings to you.

At Zjongshan Bond, we never stop striving for perfection. We boast our professional team of young, vigorous and talented teachers. Fluent in English, Chinese and other languages, they maintain our highest possible professional standards.

We value our top-notch team of capable, caring and efficient administrative personnel. They provide our teachers and students with timely and impeccable services.

Our humble organization has grown over the years from a few classrooms with just a handful of courageous Western English teachers to a prosperous and well-respected institution spanning three major locations with over one hundred staff and faculty members and on average, at least thirty foreign teachers. Most of our teachers come from the U.K. and the USA but we are eagerly seeking to expand our outreach to teachers from Canada, Australia, Ireland and South Africa.

Coming to work at Zhongshan Bond is a unique opportunity for Westerners to gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience in China. With a history dating back 5,000 years coupled with that fastest growing and most dynamic economy in the world, China is assuredly under the world’s spotlight. It is also a great place to have fun, explore delicious Chinese cuisine and meet some truly welcoming, warm and wonderful people.

I invite you to explore our website and contact us if you have any questions.

With warm and kind regards,
John Zhang