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Other Courses

  1. Chinese Cuisine Lessons are offered to our Western teachers free of charge by our Bond staff or Bond arranged professional chefs from local restaurants and hotels. Learn about the healthy diet promoted by Chinese cooking and the balance of Yin and Yang represented through the choices of meats and vegetables and regional specialties such as Peking duck, Shanghainese smoked fish, Szechuanese devil cooked pork and Cantonese steamed scallops in garlic sauce. You become proficient in understanding Chinese menus and ordering balanced meals while gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditions.
  2. Chinese calligraphy and painting lessons
    Bond is well-connected with local art schools and artists who are happy to teach our teachers who are interested in learning Chinese calligraphy and painting skills. Lessons could be arranged at Bond offices or at various art studios throughout Zhongshan and Beijing.
  3. Kunfu lessons can be arranged for those who wish to learn or further improve their martial arts skills. As illustrated by this local Zhongshan newspaper report, a young American teacher of Bond was practicing Wushu under the coaching of his respected master.