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Why Choose Zhongshan Bond?

Always Hiring

The Zhongshan Bond Language and Cultural Group is the leading language institute in Zhongshan, China. Its faculty of foreign English teachers reaches over four thousand students daily. As China continues to emerge onto the world stage as a developing country, the demand for English language instruction only continues to rise.

Legitimate and Reputable

One of the biggest concerns among foreign English teachers is the legitimacy of the program. This should not be a worry with regard to Bond at all. The Zhongshan Bond Language and Cultural Group is accredited by a myriad of institutions of higher learning including but not limited to: Bond University, Cambridge University, the British Educational Council (IELTS examination), the Chinese Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China. We have a history spanning a decade and a great reputation with which we strive to maintain as excellent.

Competitive Salary

We offer new teachers a base salary of 16,000-19,000 RMB/month which might not seem as high as other institutions in Beijing or Shanghai, but considering the relatively lower cost of living in Zhongshan, in addition to the paid accommodation, utilities and transportation, Bond offers a competitive salary. Hard working teachers eager to make extra money can also do so by working overtime at Bond.


With flight and visa reimbursement, an end-of-contract bonus, free kung-fu and Chinese classes plus four weeks of vacation (two of which are PAID), we strive to match if not beat our competitors in attracting the best talent from around the world. In addition to these perks, Bond has frequent group outings to some of the best restaurants in town, KTV clubs, hot springs, island retreats and even whitewater rafting for our teachers, all paid for by us.

Friendly, Helpful and Welcoming Chinese Staff

Bond employs a wide range of Chinese people from a myriad of backgrounds but the majority of our staff members are young, energetic and incredibly friendly. Virtually all have bachelors degrees and almost all speak English fluently. It is not uncommon for foreign teachers to forge strong and lasting friendships our Chinese staff as they are all very eager to expand their knowledge of English and Western culture. They are not only co-workers to the foreign teachers but also a great support group for the foreigners adapting life in China, eager to help with even the littlest of matters.